PTI relies on social media to compensate for the loss of the ‘bat’ symbol.

After losing its electoral symbol, the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) is adapting its strategy by establishing a portal showcasing its candidates and their electoral symbols.

The party, now deprived of its original symbol, plans to utilize its robust social media network to stay connected with supporters. Additionally, a portal featuring candidates alongside their symbols for the February 8 polls is in the works.

A statement on ‘X,’ formerly Twitter, announced the portal’s creation, highlighting a video demonstrating a search for candidates and their symbols. The party is gearing up for effective communication and engagement with supporters through social media and the dedicated portal.

PTI Information Secretary Raoof Hasan announced that a functional portal would be available within two days to assist voters in identifying PTI-backed candidates for the national and provincial assemblies. The portal will feature separate sections for both assemblies, allowing voters to enter their constituency number to view PTI-supported candidates and their symbols.

The Election Commission of Pakistan recently assigned unique symbols to PTI candidates following a Supreme Court ruling that upheld the ECP’s decision to strip the PTI of its original ‘bat’ symbol. With PTI candidates lacking a joint platform, this portal aims to streamline information for voters.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the PTI plans an extensive social media and door-to-door campaign to inform voters about their candidates. PTI’s social media head in KP, Ikram Khatana, highlighted the use of WhatsApp groups and popular social media platforms to share information, including videos of campaign activities. The PTI-backed candidates have received diverse symbols such as ‘dove,’ ‘sickle,’ ‘dolphin,’ ‘cot,’ ‘racket,’ ‘pomegranate,’ and more.

The PTI aims to leverage its online presence and grassroots efforts to effectively communicate with voters, ensuring clarity about candidates and symbols across the constituencies. The portal and social media campaigns are part of the party’s strategy to navigate the unique challenge posed by the symbol change.

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