Mickey Arthur discusses various aspects of Pakistan cricket.

Mickey Arthur, Pakistan’s former team director, reflects on the challenges faced during the ODI World Cup match against India in Ahmedabad as one of the most demanding moments in his tenure. Despite the team falling short of reaching the semi-finals, Arthur navigated them through a challenging environment. He emphasizes the absence of Pakistani support in the World Cup, stating that the team thrives on the incredible support they usually receive. The hostile environment in Ahmedabad, coupled with external distractions, did not hinder the players’ commitment, according to Arthur.

Mickey Arthur discusses various aspects of Pakistan cricket.
Mickey Arthur discusses various aspects of Pakistan cricket.

Addressing off-field turbulence, including reports of dressing room discord and leaked WhatsApp conversations, Arthur clarifies that such external distractions did not significantly impact the team. He notes the constant external noise surrounding Pakistan cricket, refuting claims of major disagreements within the team.

Arthur defends his dual role as the director for the Pakistan team while retaining his position with the English county Derbyshire, dismissing claims of being an “online coach” as uninformed. He asserts his active involvement with the coaching staff and the team, highlighting his commitment.

Expressing trust in former PCB Chairman Najam Sethi, Arthur reveals that his return to the Pakistan cricket team was motivated by a strong rapport with Sethi. Arthur credits Sethi for giving him the opportunity to return to international cricket after being sacked by Australia.

Arthur recommends to the PCB the importance of establishing a system that fosters player trust in the structure, faith in the selection process, and commitment to playing for the team. He emphasizes the negative impact of constant changes and instability, leading players to focus on self-protection and individual performance rather than team objectives.

In conclusion, Arthur stresses the need for a stable environment, honest communication, and giving players a fair chance to foster a stronger team dynamic.

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